Solibu and Sudibsa’s secret is in maintaining close collaboration with customers, offering products adapted to their needs and giving personalised advice    

With almost 40 years of experience in collecting, processing, freezing and distributing by-products of porcine, bovine, ovine, ovine, and poulty origin, Solibu and Sudibsa (sister company of solibu responsible of all cat. 3 articles) are today recognised as one of the most relevant companies specialised in supplying raw materials.

The rigorous quality controls that they maintain throughout the product's life cycle guarantee that the materials are supplied under the requested standards. At the same time, the company offers personalised advice and service related to the quality, processing and transport demands particular to each item.


Solibu and Sudibsa have a team in charge of performing internal quality controls and periodically submit to the audits necessary for achieving the internationally recognised quality certificates ISO22000, IFS and BRC.

Their facilities are located in the heart of Catalonia, an area that, together with neighbouring Aragon, carries out 50-55% of pig slaughtering in Spain. Solibu and Sudibsa are only sourced by slaughterhouses authorised by the European Union and provide batch numbers and traceability for every delivery.